Monday, April 12, 2010

10 Thing I Love About Being A Mum!

When they laid my son across my chest, I knew unconditional love for the first time in my life.

1. I love the fact that I am only person whose kisses can heal a bump, bruise or fall. I am still my son's best hero!
2. I love waking up next to my son every morning and watching him sleep.
3. I love watching the clouds in the sky with him. He sees beautiful, magical shapes just like me.
4. I love showing him new things. His exuberance and wonder at the world still untainted by cynicism amazes me.
5. I love teaching him new things. He is so quick to learn and so eager to please.
6. I love our extra special cuddles. We have the best cuddles together.
7. I love  the fact that my nose his most fascinating toy. He measures my nose, looks at it, bites it, pats it and if he could put it in pocket or cuddle it to sleep, he would.
8. I love the fact that at age two he takes the mickey out of me by mimicking all my worst mannerisms. Yes, I have the next Jim Carrey on my hands.
9. I love the fact this favourite place to fall is asleep is on my chest. Still. Just like the day he was born.
10. I love the fact that he has taught me so much about love, life and hope. He is my hero!

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Beautiful stuff!

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